Welcome to 3+1 Properties, where you achieve financial freedom with a portfolio of properties! GalvinPang_Corporate Shot

Inspired by the “The 3+1 Plan” written by Brett Alegre-Wood, I had adapted the plan and tuned it to suit the local approach. The 3+1 Properties concept illustrates exactly how you can achieve your financial freedom with a portfolio of properties.

You might wonder, why should you choose properties where there are other investment products?

That is because, I believe that property investments will allow the investor to achieve the type of financial freedom that they’ve always yearned for.

Ask yourself this question, “What can be safer and more preferred than investing in tangible assets? Can having a place to stay be substituted?”

Through countless hours and discussions with my teammates, we had developed the 5-steps approach. We had shared these strategies with our clients from all walks of life and assisted many of them to assemble their wonderful portfolio of properties. 

5-Steps Approach

Before I carry on, let me introduce myself. My name is Galvin Pang, a professional full-time Real Estate Agent. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building & Project Management, I have been in the Real Estate field for more than 6 years.

I believe in connecting with my clients to understand their requirements and goals, evaluate their financials and risk tolerances and provide options to create more value to my client’s portfolio. Lastly, I also build on trust to establish a long-term relationship with my clients.

Together with a team of very experienced Real Estate Agents, we put our clients in their best interests and bring value to their property portfolio.

Please feel free to contact me at (+65) 9751 0832 and let me bring you along to uncover the potentials of what the world of properties can do for you. I am here, and will always be here, to assist you in achieving your real estate dreams.


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