GalvinPang_Corporate ShotWelcome to 3+1 Properties! 

Inspired by the “The 3+1 Plan” written by Brett Alegre-Wood, I had worked on the concept and tuned it to suit the local approach. Without a doubt, the 3+1 Properties concept works similarly on how you can achieve your financial freedom with a portfolio of properties.

With so many investment machines that you can go for, why should you choose properties?!

That is because, I believe that property investments are almost stress-free and allows the investor to achieve the type of financial freedom that they’ve always yearned for.

Through countless hours and discussions with my teammates, we had developed the NYT and NYM strategies to help you create your wonderful portfolio of properties. We had used these strategies to share with our clients from all walks of life, and assisted many clients to assemble their portfolio of properties. 

Before I carry on, let me introduce myself. I am Galvin Pang, a FULL-TIME Property Agent. With my  HARDWORKING attitude and HONEST personality, I aim to serve each and every client with PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY! 

Together with a team of very experienced property brokers, not only I am willing to go ALL OUT to meet the expectations of my clients, I will also strive to put them in their best interests! 

So… Why not let ME prove my worth and bring YOU along to uncover of potentials of what the world of properties can do for you. I am here, and will always be here, to assist you in achieving your real estate dreams! 

“Putting my clients in their best interests are the best joys in my life.”